Lib Dems vote for outrageous and unapologetic discrimination!

One is led to believe that the Lib Dems are a party of liberal endeavour and fairness for all, Guardianista social justice.

Not so.

Last June, the Welsh Lib Dems enthusiastically supported new planning laws that prioritise Welsh speakers when it comes to the allocation of homes in new Welsh housing developments. Can you imagine what would happen if this scandalous legislation was tried on in the West Midlands, say to protect Punjabi speakers who are on a parity with Welsh speakers in a similar population count ie 18%?

There would be a public outcry at such blatant discrimination and sleazy social engineering.

The Welsh Lib Dems are ignoring the 82% English speaking majority in Wales in a desperate bid to win a few cheap votes from Welsh speakers, the same applies to their avid support for Welsh language S4C (£2.2bn of taxpayers’ money to date, £74m pa at present) a channel that few if any watch.

They are also, like so many other Welsh politicians, scared  silly of incurring the tyrannical wrath of that extreme School of Arson, the Welsh Language Society (LFW isn’t, it should be noted), whom the ‘Welsh Language Commissioner’,one Meri Huws once chaired.*

All this is an utter disgrace and if anything will cost the Welsh Lib Dems votes; votes that they can ill afford to lose. Wales will never, ever progress while this sort of thing is allowed to happen. The messages it sends out to the rest of the UK, let alone the wider world, is extremely negative:

Don’t come to Wales to live and work unless you speak Welsh. Such legislation can only be described as: insular, backward looking and a massive betrayal of liberal values.

The Welsh Lib Dems really have lost it; this is not only a pity, it is also disappointing.


* Only recently, Meri Huws (or Mary Hughes for all you English speakers, Welsh speaking nationalists have this eccentric habit of translating their English names into Welsh and dumping ‘aps’ in between their Christian and surnames – BBC Wales is full of them) took NS&I to the High Court to force them to re-instate a Welsh language service – which no-one used.

Cost of Crachach Supremo Meri’s zealous coercion?

£54,000 of taxpayers’  money in legal costs, oh and not to mention the fact that the State pays her substantially more than any MP or AM, along with all the bomb proof pension perks etc. See:

5 thoughts on “Lib Dems vote for outrageous and unapologetic discrimination!

  1. Where to begin here! As regards housing, it is not so much a Welsh language issue but rather an attempt to make homes more affordable for locals (many of whom speak Welsh) as second-home buyers push prices up beyond their reach, despite only living in the aforementioned on a part-time basis. The same thing happens in the Lake District, and they have laws to this effect. I haven’t heard you rage against their planning policies?
    Also, dragging Punjabi speakers into your argument is completely redundant. They are an immigrant community in England; Welsh speakers in Wales are not, they are the speakers of their own land’s native language.

    I think you’ve confused Cymdeithas yr Iaith with other groups, of which little are known. They promote non-violent action. To suggest they are arsonists is potentially libelous?

    Your last closing paragraph: “Don’t come to Wales to live and work unless you speak Welsh. Such legislation can only be described as: insular, backward looking and a massive betrayal of liberal values.”
    Are you not aware that many people do move to Wales, particularly to the Welsh speaking heartlands, and don’t learn Welsh? In many towns in y Fro Welsh-born people are a minority. The only people losing anything are the Welsh themselves.




    • One cannot libel a group of people, Urien. As for the Welsh Language Society are you kidding, where do you want me start?? Over the years, over a 1000 of its members have appeared before the courts! Many have been imprisoned.

      Now,I really must go. I have enjoyed out chat but we must agree to disagree.

      All the best,


      PS I note you make no apology for the vicious tactics of your fellows.


      • Silly logic, Julian.
        I am not responsible for the behaviour of every other Welsh speaker. I deplore all violence, whether the perpetrator be Welsh speaking, English speaking or whatever. Should an Englishman steal my dog, should I then demand a personal apology from every Englishman, they being ‘his fellows’ as all other Welsh speakers are presumably my ‘fellows’?



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