Syrian refugees, Wales and Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood: Wales can play its role in helping refugees in need

“Wales has a proud tradition of helping those in need”

“Plaid Cymru said at the beginning of this crisis that it requires a humanitarian response and we think Wales should play a role in that response.”

Good stuff Leanne and for once LFW agrees with your sentiments, just one problem, take Carmarthenshire County Council:

According to its press office, it has no protocols or procedures in place to deal specifically with an influx of Syrian refugees if called upon to do so.

One can therefore only conclude that it is too pre-occupied with wiping out English medium schools and providing a fourth class education for Welsh children but then as with most things, Wales and Carmarthenshire CC in particular, is always somewhat challenged when trying to catch up with world events.


One thought on “Syrian refugees, Wales and Leanne Wood

  1. After sixteen years of Labour’s managed decline in health and education, and their lack of ambition on the economy,and together with, the Cymraeg language enforcement policy the refugees will be off across the “bridge” to England like a rat up a drainpipe……….and probably claiming asylum..

    Cumree and bith 😉


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