The editor Julian Ruck, is a novelist, broadcaster, columnist, journalist/ political commentator and guest public speaker; he has been a regular contributor for Westminster’s influential Labour Uncut, and has written for the nationals and Institute of Welsh Affairs.

He is presently a columnist for two of Wales’ biggest selling newspapers.

Julian trained as a lawyer in London, did a brief stint lecturing law and eventually ended up managing Legal Aid contracts for CAB’x in some of the most deprived areas of the country.

He is the author of five novels, the latest a political thriller, is due to be published at the end of September.

Julian is neither affiliated to nor a member of, any political party or organisation.

Mission Statement

Both the nationalist, Welsh speaking BBC Wales and the Western Mail are in the pockets of the Welsh Labour government in Cardiff Bay, as clearly evidenced by the fact that many of their journalists, presenters, editors and even previous Controllers have received taxpayer hand outs and Welsh Labour patronage for advertising revenues, books, autobiographies and political musings etc.

Thus the total lack of bold, passionate, ruthless and unequivocal political debate in Wales. The emasculated Welsh media spends its time waving around appeasing pieces of paper, worshipping pussycat journalism and bending its knees to Welsh Labour government diktat.

‘Letters From Wales Uncut’ is politically unaligned and seeks to redress this insult to fearless, journalistic endeavour.

The Welsh media has effectively been nationalised: SWW Media excepted, it remains the only courageous, mainstream media platform left in Wales – it publishes LFW’s editor!

NB LFW publishes political press releases that most of the Welsh media will neither touch nor report.


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