Leanne Wood demands Wales’ First Minister’s Head!

Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru today:

“After sixteen years of Labour’s managed decline in health and education, and their lack of ambition on the economy, it’s time they were removed from office and replaced with a party with the policies, personnel and vision to get Wales moving again.

“In education, in health and in the economy, people in Wales have endured second class outcomes under Labour’s rule. Wales cannot afford another five years of longer waiting lists, poorer prospects for young people and low wages.”

LFW has no argument with any of the above, the trouble is that Plaid is tainted with delusions of Welsh independence and a quaint nostalgia for the ‘Trials and Tribulations of Arsonist Saunders Lewis’ and the ‘Odes to Owen Glendower’s Dentures’.