Corbyn’s Progress

We live in a democracy, like it or not.

Jeremy Corbyn, whatever one’s political persuasions, is entitled to state his case without fear or on occasions vicious media opprobrium.

All this political glass house, armchair quackery is becoming exceedingly tiresome.

If there is an appetite for far left change, then no doubt those who hold the real power ie the people (in spite of what jumped-up, political conspiracy fantasists are inclined to advocate) will have their will.

LFW exercises caution where political prediction is concerned, there are enough omelette covered faces out there in the London media as it is.

Let Corbyn have his way, Parliament will continue to shout and yell but isn’t this what a healthy democracy is all about?

Good luck to the man and may he continue to wind everybody up, at least this bearded Ancient Mariner has brought some excitement to what is normally a politically correct, platform of people pleasing Westminster claptrap!