Suzy Davies AM: “Scrap Visit Wales” and let the industry take the lead.

What with Carwyn’s ‘Taffy Talk Talk’ blunder at a call centre costing £600,000 of taxpayers’ money last week, now the First Minister’s ‘Visit Wales’ initiative (a Welsh government department), is in the firing line – .

“Uninspiring” and “Unimaginative” say Welsh businesses about ‘Visit Wales’.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said that a “shift in culture” would boost creativity.

He said:

“Ultimately, Welsh tourism needs a shift in culture, with the industry itself taking the lead.

“You won’t find too many businesses in Wales who believe that politicians are the best people to drive tourism forward, and an injection of entrepreneurial spirit would boost innovation and creativity – particularly with the dire marketing we have seen in recent years.

“We want to put power back in the hands of Welsh businesses and communities, and this announcement is part of a broader Welsh Conservative drive to de-centralise power and cut Welsh Government down to size.”

Well, Carwyn’s Carriers at Cardiff Airport, Carwyn’s Cruisers in Cardiff Bay, Carwyn’s ‘Taffy’s Talk Talk Communications Company’, have all hit the skids, so no wonder Carwyn’s ‘Visit Wales’ is in trouble?

This is what happens when you let rank amateurs loose on commercial enterprise.

Failure, failure, failure and the taxpayer gets screwed every time!

The sooner a Welsh government starts to recruit some serious outside talent, instead of relying on this hopeless mantra of ‘Wales for the Welsh’ nonsense, the better.

The pool of talent in Wales is small and even this is deflated with mediocrity.