2012 Olympics: More scoffing and sore backsides!

In 2012 the editor of LFW predicted that the Olympics would in no way encourage our young to get out there and a row a boat or throw some spears about the place.

He was right.

Playing sport is in decline, pizza and Coke sales are up and there are more corns on peoples’ backsides from sitting down too much than ever before!

So much for all the hype and all that nobbling of the taxpayer by self-serving, executive gravy train passengers and their sporty flunkies!


Scottish Maths Higher exam ‘too hard’ but is it?

There’s still a 70.8% pass rate?

And are not exams supposed to be hard?

There are of course the mitigating circumstances for those who feel hard done by, in that these days students are allowed to take their text books into the exam room and a large percentage of degree awards is based on course work.

In 1970 there were 621,000 students in Higher Education, now there are 2.5 million plus. Elitist back in 1970? Perhaps, but then graduates didn’t generally end up behind tills and serving beverages in coffee shops.

One cannot help but wonder, how school pupils and students would cope with the ruthless rigour of academic days gone by?

Days when ’empathy’ didn’t exist and if one failed?



Leanne Wood on S4C

Leanne Wood says:

“People across Wales appreciate the quality of output that S4C currently provides.”

Really? That’s why it has less than 1% of viewing figures. 

“S4C has been a real success story within the Welsh economy.”

Has it? There is no net gain for the £74m pa S4C receives from license fee payers – £2.2bn since 1982. The ‘value added’ figures provided by S4C’s press office is based upon a Cardiff  research organisation whose 7 out of 9 staff are Welsh speakers and which mainly does business with Welsh public sector bodies.

In other words, it relies on  Welsh Labour government patronage.   

“It would be unacceptable if public service broadcasting in Welsh falls short of that provided in English.”

The only difference being that a mere 18% of people in Wales speak Welsh and even this percentage is suspect as many who claim to be Welsh speakers adopt the vernacular ‘Wenglish’ ie a combination of Welsh and English.

Also note that out of this figure, only 4% can read and write the language.  

“This is a perfect example of what happens when broadcasting for Wales is left in London’s hands – (in respect of cuts).  Plaid Cymru wants to see powers and responsibility for broadcasting devolved to Wales.”

If broadcasting was devolved to Wales and nationalist Plaid got their hands on it, then it really would be taken back to an R S Thomas, Welsh speaking bucolic nirvana, where everyone shepherded sheep during the day and slept on straw beds at night.

London isn’t to blame for the ills of Wales.

Devolution is.  

Welsh culture or English culture with a tall, pointed black hat?

The Eistedford is off, celebrating ‘Welsh culture’.

LFW has always been somewhat challenged by this notion of Welsh cultural uniqueness because as far as it can observe, the only difference between English culture and Welsh culture is that the latter tends toward druidical nostalgia, white (and blue) robes ‘an all, and the wearing of tall, pointed black hats from time to time.

Nothing like diversity is there?


PS There is of course laverbread, lamb stew and the odd corned beef pastie but LFW is not entirely sure how any of these fit into a great, occidental cultural diaspora.

Unless of course there is a Iolo ap Ramsay out there who is about to win a few Michelin Stars?

Suzy Davies AM: “Scrap Visit Wales” and let the industry take the lead.

What with Carwyn’s ‘Taffy Talk Talk’ blunder at a call centre costing £600,000 of taxpayers’ money last week, now the First Minister’s ‘Visit Wales’ initiative (a Welsh government department), is in the firing line – .

“Uninspiring” and “Unimaginative” say Welsh businesses about ‘Visit Wales’.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said that a “shift in culture” would boost creativity.

He said:

“Ultimately, Welsh tourism needs a shift in culture, with the industry itself taking the lead.

“You won’t find too many businesses in Wales who believe that politicians are the best people to drive tourism forward, and an injection of entrepreneurial spirit would boost innovation and creativity – particularly with the dire marketing we have seen in recent years.

“We want to put power back in the hands of Welsh businesses and communities, and this announcement is part of a broader Welsh Conservative drive to de-centralise power and cut Welsh Government down to size.”

Well, Carwyn’s Carriers at Cardiff Airport, Carwyn’s Cruisers in Cardiff Bay, Carwyn’s ‘Taffy’s Talk Talk Communications Company’, have all hit the skids, so no wonder Carwyn’s ‘Visit Wales’ is in trouble?

This is what happens when you let rank amateurs loose on commercial enterprise.

Failure, failure, failure and the taxpayer gets screwed every time!

The sooner a Welsh government starts to recruit some serious outside talent, instead of relying on this hopeless mantra of ‘Wales for the Welsh’ nonsense, the better.

The pool of talent in Wales is small and even this is deflated with mediocrity.


Gay confusion?

The other day whilst talking with a married gay friend, he mentioned his husband, so I asked, ‘well….. if he’s your husband what does that make you? After all, you can’t have two husbands in a marriage or for that matter two wives, can you?’

‘Now you mention it….,’ he replied.’ I think it’s time for that drink, don’t you?’

21st century sexuality, straight forward it is certainly not!

I felt it was time for some light humour, after all the political social media’s obsessive thrashing of Corbyn’s Progress is becoming nauseatingly vain if nothing else and let’s face it, most people in this country couldn’t give a damn anyway.

The Editor

Lords investigation into BBC Charter Renewal – LFW submits.

LFW will be making a detailed submission to the House of Lords BBC Charter Renewal investigation, based on evidence obtained over the last three years, in respect of BBC Wales and S4C.

The ‘entitled’ arrogance, deceit, Welsh Labour government patronage on an appalling scale re taxpayer hand outs to journalists, presenters, editors, preferential appointments. The family tree at BBC Wales, blatant nationalist Welsh language bias in political reporting, discrimination in recruitment………

Chapter and verse and all backed up with unequivocal evidence.

It really is time both organisations were subjected to some serious scrutiny and ruthless reform. Both have been getting away with self-serving exploitation of the taxpayer for years.

The Welsh language BBC and S4C, should be funded by viewer subscription and nothing more.

NB See post below on S4C for a small taster. This is nothing and it should be remembered that the evidence submitted by the editor of LFW to the Welsh Assembly was responsible for the Arts Council of Wales being hauled before a Senate Public Accounts Committee last October.


LFW is NOT an acronym for ‘Let’s Fxxx Wales’!

It is being suggested by some in Welsh speaking, nationalist quarters that ‘LFW’ has an entirely different meaning from the one published.

The Editor categorically refutes such a seedy corruption of LFW’s noble intent!!


Corbyn’s Progress

We live in a democracy, like it or not.

Jeremy Corbyn, whatever one’s political persuasions, is entitled to state his case without fear or on occasions vicious media opprobrium.

All this political glass house, armchair quackery is becoming exceedingly tiresome.

If there is an appetite for far left change, then no doubt those who hold the real power ie the people (in spite of what jumped-up, political conspiracy fantasists are inclined to advocate) will have their will.

LFW exercises caution where political prediction is concerned, there are enough omelette covered faces out there in the London media as it is.

Let Corbyn have his way, Parliament will continue to shout and yell but isn’t this what a healthy democracy is all about?

Good luck to the man and may he continue to wind everybody up, at least this bearded Ancient Mariner has brought some excitement to what is normally a politically correct, platform of people pleasing Westminster claptrap!


Lib Dems vote for outrageous and unapologetic discrimination!

One is led to believe that the Lib Dems are a party of liberal endeavour and fairness for all, Guardianista social justice.

Not so.

Last June, the Welsh Lib Dems enthusiastically supported new planning laws that prioritise Welsh speakers when it comes to the allocation of homes in new Welsh housing developments. Can you imagine what would happen if this scandalous legislation was tried on in the West Midlands, say to protect Punjabi speakers who are on a parity with Welsh speakers in a similar population count ie 18%?

There would be a public outcry at such blatant discrimination and sleazy social engineering.

The Welsh Lib Dems are ignoring the 82% English speaking majority in Wales in a desperate bid to win a few cheap votes from Welsh speakers, the same applies to their avid support for Welsh language S4C (£2.2bn of taxpayers’ money to date, £74m pa at present) a channel that few if any watch.

They are also, like so many other Welsh politicians, scared  silly of incurring the tyrannical wrath of that extreme School of Arson, the Welsh Language Society (LFW isn’t, it should be noted), whom the ‘Welsh Language Commissioner’,one Meri Huws once chaired.*

All this is an utter disgrace and if anything will cost the Welsh Lib Dems votes; votes that they can ill afford to lose. Wales will never, ever progress while this sort of thing is allowed to happen. The messages it sends out to the rest of the UK, let alone the wider world, is extremely negative:

Don’t come to Wales to live and work unless you speak Welsh. Such legislation can only be described as: insular, backward looking and a massive betrayal of liberal values.

The Welsh Lib Dems really have lost it; this is not only a pity, it is also disappointing.


* Only recently, Meri Huws (or Mary Hughes for all you English speakers, Welsh speaking nationalists have this eccentric habit of translating their English names into Welsh and dumping ‘aps’ in between their Christian and surnames – BBC Wales is full of them) took NS&I to the High Court to force them to re-instate a Welsh language service – which no-one used.

Cost of Crachach Supremo Meri’s zealous coercion?

£54,000 of taxpayers’  money in legal costs, oh and not to mention the fact that the State pays her substantially more than any MP or AM, along with all the bomb proof pension perks etc. See: http://labour-uncut.co.uk/2014/03/21/letter-from-wales-how-much-taxpayers-money-is-the-welsh-language-commission-spending-on-its-legal-cases/