Leanne Wood demands Wales’ First Minister’s Head!

Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru today:

“After sixteen years of Labour’s managed decline in health and education, and their lack of ambition on the economy, it’s time they were removed from office and replaced with a party with the policies, personnel and vision to get Wales moving again.

“In education, in health and in the economy, people in Wales have endured second class outcomes under Labour’s rule. Wales cannot afford another five years of longer waiting lists, poorer prospects for young people and low wages.”

LFW has no argument with any of the above, the trouble is that Plaid is tainted with delusions of Welsh independence and a quaint nostalgia for the ‘Trials and Tribulations of Arsonist Saunders Lewis’ and the ‘Odes to Owen Glendower’s Dentures’.


10 thoughts on “Leanne Wood demands Wales’ First Minister’s Head!

  1. Like you I agree her basic premise but also like you I agree Plaid are most definitely the answer, below are some examples of why.

    Their power sharing was a disaster IWJ wrecked the WDA filled it’s posts with his mates and left it’s execs (along with 15 sets of ex health board execs) all on full pay gardening leave for years. He also often refused to appear before the Senedd at ministers question time, also phaffed about for years dithering on the M4 bypass/ – utterly useless.

    His mate Alun Ffred caused more Welshification than anyone to date, I recall his bill was fraught with errors one of which would have been great until closet nat Rhodri Morgan (then retired as FM) pointed out that as it stood it gave English and Welsh languages the same protection, AF saw no problem with that until Rhodri pointed out it meant that demands for EM in the north would have to be treated the same as demands for WM in the south and asked AF was that what he intended, of course it wasn’t and the bill was changed.

    To his credit in a BBC prog on the Welsh language towards the end of that term he did admit that 1000s of kids having been taught Welsh was not the same as 1000s of kids speaking it, but is conclusion of course was not the obvious but to say more effort was needed.

    Link to gardening leave statement here http://www.walesonline.co.uk/business/business-news/brian-morgan-is-not-time-1926047 see the section on Bureaucracy

    The Rhodri Morgan bit is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/betsanpowys/2010/03/choosing_your_words.html
    Choosing your words
    Betsan Powys | 11:19 UK time, Wednesday, 17 March 2010



    • Thank you nospin, but I believe you mean ‘Plaid are definitely not the answer’? I hope so!

      Oh and don’t forget our Betsan is heavily entrenched in the family firm ethos at BBC Wales.



  2. Labour and Plaid Cymru wanted devolution….they told us Wales could be run better with an Assembly.

    All we got was lower standards in health and education and a minority of Cymraeg speaking nationalists who now think they have an exclusive right to a job in the public sector in Wales.

    If we are not going to have a referendum on independence in Wales lets have a referendum on axing the Assembly.

    The Welsh Assembly is a money wasting machine – lets put the money back in health and education.


  3. the assembly has over 7000 more civil servants than the old welsh office, getting rid of it would free up huge sums of money.

    Employment in WAG has surged from 2,300 in 1999 to 6,600 today. (note today = 28/4/2010 http://www.walesonline.co.uk/business-in-wales/business-news/2010/04/28/brian-morgan-is-it-not-time-we-changed-the-way-we-do-things-in-wales-91466-26330145/ read the whole speech it is frightening and this guy supports devolution.



  4. .This is a political move.

    That’s what happens in the initial stages of national socialism – increase the bureaucracy and give “jobs to the boys”.

    The supporters of devolution are primarily public sector workers.


  5. Public sector pensions will be on par with Albanian if Leanne Wood ever got into power and Plaid Cymru’s dream of independence became reality.

    More devolution for Wales? – More poorly run services – Albanian public sector level pensions!

    “As long as we have got very expensive Cymru telly that nobody watches, we don’t care.

    We have got Barnett formula money (and hope England doesn’t have a referendum on independence themselves) and Objective 1 funding (that we ruthlessly squander and make the West Wales and the Valleys poorer), we don’t care.

    We are different from the English (except those 82% traitors) …we are thick and we don’t care.”

    Public sector workers of Wales unite! Vote for Labour and Plaid coalition and demand Albanian public sector pensions for all.

    Cumree and bith 😉

    PS….Personally I think the litmus test of being “unhinged” is voting for Welsh Labour or Plaid Cymru.


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