The New Breed of Entrepreneur!

WE have a few victims of life knocking about Swansea city centre doorways, this may well have something to do with the council’s politics of concrete, after all they did insist on stone slabs instead of floral splendour at what was once the Castle Gardens.

Comfy respite for our noble road dwellers was out then.

Talking of which, the other day, whilst drinking some froth on a city centre pavement, I was accosted by a young girl asking for money.

There was a desperation in her surly eyes that demanded some Lib Dem charity, so I gave her a few quid knowing it would probably go on a can of Special Brew — those were the days.

Well, a few minutes later I saw her running into William Hill’s!

Now that’s what I call Welsh entrepreneurial spirit for you!

Julian Ruck – Editor

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