‘Selfies’ or vainglorious urgency?

I don’t know about you, but the thought of staring at myself all day long or worse still my dogs -they’re more intolerant than me for heaven’s sake! – fills me with utter dread. Why people want to take thousands of offensively egocentric and ‘look at me, I’m the best thing since a shag on Mt. Olympus’ photos of themselves (or ‘selfies’ to use modern parlance) all the time is utterly beyond me.

More to the point, all these selfie merchants seem to honestly believe that people are actually interested in viewing their fatuous grins and vacuous, insecure hopelessness!

Is this what we have come to? Self, self and more self?

Internet tyranny and manic FOMO (ie fear of missing out) has a lot to answer for, thankfully I have known another time, a pre- internet time and believe me the world wasn’t so bad and neither was I addicted to photographing my surly chops every second of the day.

Besides, the missus wouldn’t allow it!

Julian Ruck – Editor

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