Are Women Unhinged?

Now and again I gird my loins and tune in to R4’s Woman’s Hour, if only to remind myself that I’m still a man, no matter what the feminists say.

The presenter Jenni Murray’s voice, with its explosions of treacle coated ‘empathy’ and ‘self-esteem’, never fail to make me want to dive for cover but there we are, that’s part of the fun of listening to Woman’s Hour.

As the title of the programme suggests, Woman’s Hour is all about women – well, I could do a daily piece about women, couldn’t I just! Four engagements (and not one ring ever thrown back at me even in temper, too damned smart the female of the species!),two marriages, one divorce and like most men I keep going back for more if only to try and find out where I went wrong in the first place – women always being right about these things, as we all well know.

Anyway, in my twilight years as it were, actually make that mature years I ‘aint’t an old ‘un yet, I have learnt to adopt one fundamental premise – all women are unhinged.

Lovely, capable, strong and virtuous they may be but still basically unhinged, so we men really have nothing to worry about.

And here’s the thing about dogs. My two never answer back, always do as they are told, easy to feed and water, and sure as hell don’t need £60 every couple of weeks for a haircut!

So then, what with Woman’s Hour and £60 haircuts, not to mention of course the ‘Who’s the Boss around here’ syndrome, we men just can’t help loving ‘em.

Women are all unhinged…….?

It’s probably we men!

Julian Ruck – Editor

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