The Taffy Taliban are arsoning aound again!

Fire lighters in their arse pockets, jerry cans of petrol strapped to their sturdy backs and dreams of arsonist Sauders Lewis’ resurrection, yes the Welsh language Taffy Taliban are up to their silly old tricks again!

Phone calls to my editor to advise that they are on their way to burn my house down –  that’s if they don’t set themselves alight before they ever get near it!

Silly Billies.

Julian Ruck – Editor

2 thoughts on “The Taffy Taliban are arsoning aound again!

  1. Please don’t conflate violent and misguided individuals with the Welsh language or its speakers in general; Welsh speakers already suffer from the ‘scary minority’ prejudice. That is to say, we’re portrayed as backwards, hide-bound yokels when we fail, but scheming Machiavellian geniuses seeking to take over for own gain when ever we are successful. It’s a lose-lose situation, unfortunately, the only ostensible solution to which is to vanish completely in the eyes of our detractors.


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