Woman’s Hour and the Guardianista really have lost it!

In recent years the BBC has undoubtedly become more and more detached from the man on the street and the real world.

If you want to hear smug liberal, left wing middle class tripe being exploited on a grand scale, listen to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and the sugar coated tongue of its empathyholic presenter Jenni Murray.

The other day our Jenni was exploring the question:

Is a new Walt Disney Cinderella film relevant to a modern audience?

Pardon me? It’s a fairy tale NOT a treatise on societal maturity or equality between the sexes as Murray suggested!

Woman’s Hour mystifies me at the best of times, but consider this: She was joined by two down to earth, Hampstead Heath smart set out-riders, one a fashion editor and the other, a chief reporter with the Observer (as if one would expect anything less!).

Is Cinderella still a fantasy romantic ideal or is it simply a lesson on how to marry into money, this gloriously insightful trio mused? Oh and not forgetting that the film dares to resist being an “anthem for feminism” and that the mention of a “dowry was unnecessary”.

The all-knowing child psychologist and infant malaise expert from the Observer advised, that should any post- traumatic stress disorder result from a viewing of the film then “parents should have a bit of chat with their children and talk them through the themes”.

Themes? Cinderella is a FAIRY STORY for God’s sake!

What world are these people living in? It sure as hell isn’t Bradford!

The BBC has become nothing less than a taxpayer funded conduit for elitist, liberal arrogance and a nauseating detachment from real people.

And its journos had better not turn up at my house with cold food either, otherwise I’ll do a Clarkson on ‘em!

Julian Ruck – Editor

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