Leanne Wood on S4C

Leanne Wood says:

“People across Wales appreciate the quality of output that S4C currently provides.”

Really? That’s why it has less than 1% of viewing figures. 

“S4C has been a real success story within the Welsh economy.”

Has it? There is no net gain for the £74m pa S4C receives from license fee payers – £2.2bn since 1982. The ‘value added’ figures provided by S4C’s press office is based upon a Cardiff  research organisation whose 7 out of 9 staff are Welsh speakers and which mainly does business with Welsh public sector bodies.

In other words, it relies on  Welsh Labour government patronage.   

“It would be unacceptable if public service broadcasting in Welsh falls short of that provided in English.”

The only difference being that a mere 18% of people in Wales speak Welsh and even this percentage is suspect as many who claim to be Welsh speakers adopt the vernacular ‘Wenglish’ ie a combination of Welsh and English.

Also note that out of this figure, only 4% can read and write the language.  

“This is a perfect example of what happens when broadcasting for Wales is left in London’s hands – (in respect of cuts).  Plaid Cymru wants to see powers and responsibility for broadcasting devolved to Wales.”

If broadcasting was devolved to Wales and nationalist Plaid got their hands on it, then it really would be taken back to an R S Thomas, Welsh speaking bucolic nirvana, where everyone shepherded sheep during the day and slept on straw beds at night.

London isn’t to blame for the ills of Wales.

Devolution is.  

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