Lords investigation into BBC Charter Renewal – LFW submits.

LFW will be making a detailed submission to the House of Lords BBC Charter Renewal investigation, based on evidence obtained over the last three years, in respect of BBC Wales and S4C.

The ‘entitled’ arrogance, deceit, Welsh Labour government patronage on an appalling scale re taxpayer hand outs to journalists, presenters, editors, preferential appointments. The family tree at BBC Wales, blatant nationalist Welsh language bias in political reporting, discrimination in recruitment………

Chapter and verse and all backed up with unequivocal evidence.

It really is time both organisations were subjected to some serious scrutiny and ruthless reform. Both have been getting away with self-serving exploitation of the taxpayer for years.

The Welsh language BBC and S4C, should be funded by viewer subscription and nothing more.

NB See post below on S4C for a small taster. This is nothing and it should be remembered that the evidence submitted by the editor of LFW to the Welsh Assembly was responsible for the Arts Council of Wales being hauled before a Senate Public Accounts Committee last October.


3 thoughts on “Lords investigation into BBC Charter Renewal – LFW submits.

  1. I can’t wait, it sounds right up the street of Media Wales’ Chief Reporter (specialist in controversial and investigative stories)

    Martin Shipton is Media Wales’ Chief Reporter.He joined Wales on Sunday in 1994, moving on to the Western Mail eight years later. He specialises in controversial and investigative stories and has been involved in covering the National Assembly since its outset. His book on the Assembly’s first decade, Poor Man’s Parliament, was published in 2011.


    THE WALES MEDIA CRISIS – CAN THE WELSH NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY SURVIVE?……..Martin Shipton poses the question to the “Most Honourable and Loyal Society of Antient Britons.”



  2. Poor Man’s Parliment……

    Seems it was cobbled together using Shipton’s biased reporting and plagiarising other newspaper articles.

    Mick Felton says Poor Man’s Parliament is one of the top ranking books Seren has published in 30 years……..what crap Seren must be publishing!



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