Stephen Crabb and Alun Cairns, duck, dive and ‘unavailable’!

When it comes to holding Government ministers to account, there is this evasive if not rather quaint cop out demarcation protocol called the ‘Sir Humphrey Appleby Line’ – in other words, civil servant government verbiage and maintaining the party line must not be confused with politics, if you can work that one out?

Of course, democratic accountability doesn’t come into it.

The Wales Office and Welsh ministers Stephen Crabb and Alun Cairns are apparently enthusiastic fans of ‘Yes Minister’, as clearly evidenced by the fact that they refuse to be interviewed, this is in spite of their opposite numbers having their say both here and in the Welsh press.

Apparently, it’s all about a conflict of interest between devolved issues and Westminster issues – in other words, chaotic devolution time.

Excuse LFW here, but are not these Welsh MP’s supposed to be representing the people, who incidentally couldn’t give a damn about whether it’s Cardiff Bay or London? And God forbid, do they not sit in Parliament to answer?

Not showing much respect to their Taffy compatriots either, are they? These two boringly risk averse and safety-play, ministerial politicos also insist on knowing what the questions are going to be pre-interview.

Well, the response to this one is and always must be:

Tough, it’s an ’empty chair’ or nothing.

Ministers are our servants, theirs is to answer and explain NOT to duck, dive, proscribe and be ‘unavailable’, as the Welsh Office appears to believe.


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