Carwyn’s Carriers in the hanger again!

First Minister Druid Carwyn Jones and his Team Druid, have always fancied themselves as commercial aviation experts, albeit that the last time they tried to glue together an Airfix Fairey Floatplane (very ‘innovative’ is our Team Druid), the whole lot fell apart as soon as it was launched from one of Carwyn’s Crusiers messing about in Cardiff Bay!

Something to do with the windsockio pointing in the wrong direction apparently?

Anyway, a Welsh Assembly Public Accounts Committee report has just raised a number of concerns relating to Carwyn’s Carriers’ Cardiff-Anglesey air link.

No-one is dull enough to use it.

Millions of taxpayers’ bucks have been poured into this duff airline and passenger numbers are 35% less than their peak in 2008 – which were only a handful then. The  Cardiff Airport fiasco re-visited perhaps?!

This fantasy airline is costing £3,700 a day of your hard earned – Lib Dems, Tories, UKIP, Plaid, anyone but Welsh Labour at the Assembly Elections next year!

NB LFW does endeavour to be bilingual where possible, thus ‘windsockio’.


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