Stephen Kinnock…before and after?

Anglicised to his fingertips and European to his core, Stephen Kinnock has presence – which let’s face it, an awful lot of back-bench MP’s do not.

New and uncut, Mr Kinnock is already doffing his cap (not of the cloth variety but metaphorical all the same) at the cameras and making a pretty good job of it. Married to a former Prime Minister of the European school, one cannot help but muse that here is a man of ambition (and no doubt romance) and indeed determination.

There is that something about this new politico, that ‘something’ that tells LFW that Mr Kinnock will not be on the back-benches for long.

His father once said to LFW, “what did you expect, I’m a bloody socialist!”

A chip off the old block?

LFW thinks not.


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