Far right, far left? Are either relevant?

Is the distinction between left and right mainstream politics valid in a modern society?

Or is the distinction simply about more distribution of wealth or less? The heavy industry and manufacturing sectors are gone, the fights of Keir Hardie and old socialism no longer fit into a technological age where Tweeting is the New Jerusalem.

Far right, far left? Both have their dangers and both herald a rise in extremism and intolerance. There is also the more shifty, Guardianista/Feminista left wing liberalism that seeks to create a nation whose freedom of speech is castrated in the cause of non-offence to those of an oh so sensitive inclination and sensibility – in other words, an assault on freedom of speech through the coercion of nauseating political correctness.

If Labour is to have a future and appeal to the many, it must burn its facades of ancient socialism and outdated blue collar revolution. It must draw in the moderate mind-set of the British people (with a tinge or two of radicalism when needs must!), speak out, show some character and passion and lastly, dump the greyness of sneaky people-pleasing intent.

George Osborne’s budget was a political master stroke and apart from anything else, as every political columnist, commentator and anybody else’s dog knows:

When a new government wants to put the boot in, do it in the first budget because the Meistersingers (no reference to Wagnerian/ Merkel dominion intended) of the Tory party know full well, that in five years’ time the people will have forgotten all about Welfare Benefit reform and Corbyn angst – if they don’t where the latter is concerned then Labour really has had it, with or without Scottish seats.

Far left, surly and self-righteous rebellions don’t last long, as history reminds us loudly and clearly.

It should also be noted however, that neither does the far right version.

And finally lest we forget, ideology turns men into vicious brutes and annihilates reasoned, rational debate.

PS The Labour leadership contenders must also be getting bloody fed up with all these armchair politicos telling ’em what to do!

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