Far left politics are not for the modern world.

Few would countenance the extremes of Friedman and his Chicago boys. Equally, LFW believes that few agree with far left political and economic financial dystopia, as clearly evidenced by recent events in Greece.

The Brits are a fundamentally moderate lot, thus their rejection of rebellious upheaval since 1688, and even this ‘Glorious Revolution’ was managed without a shot being fired in anger. They also have a tendency to vote for safety play, particularly where their savings, mortgages and pensions are concerned, thus the Scottish referendum result – an element in the Scottish psyche that many political commentators ignored:

Everything is down to those last few seconds in the ballot box and money will always, always win the day – the London commentariat, the polling soothsayers and the political media all screwed things up at the last general election and why?

They ignored one of the less attractive characteristics of the human condition – greed.

In the election, Labour fell into the trap of side-stepping the above with wails of social justice and dastardly inequality – noble enough aims in a socialist Utopian hinterland, but no longer realistic.

British society has moved on. Ambition and aspiration have changed since the Thatcher years. They really have become the  new most worshipful straplines, unpalatable to many perhaps but true.

Play the game of avarice and greed Labour, new and old, and no doubt you will win out in the end.

Far left politics have had it.


One thought on “Far left politics are not for the modern world.

  1. Humpty Dumpty Labour sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty Labour had a great fall
    All Corbyn’s lefty policies and all Corbyn’s lefty union members
    Couldn’t make Humpty Dumpty Labour electable again.


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