A war of attrition by the SNP?

For all the SNP’s  political pronouncements of fairness and respect, one thing and one thing only lies at the heart of their obstructive political strategy:

Destruction of the UK.

Let’s annoy and irritate the English as much as possible. Let’s wear them down by any means, fair or foul and eventually they’ll give in and give us what we want.

A war of political attrition is the name of their game, and before long the rest of the country may well tire and give them what they want – without of course, Bank of England bail out insurance and without any form of security or help from the rest of the UK come what may.

LFW’s view?

The time has come to let the Scots go and do their own thing.

Be it on their heads.


One thought on “A war of attrition by the SNP?

  1. If you think the SNP are a left-wing force, think again!

    “With the creation of a single national police force, the routine use of armed response units, a stop and search rate four times higher than the rest of the UK and plans to create an integrated ID database, the SNP has strayed into areas that even Tony Blair’s Home Secretaries backed away from. A new ‘named person’ law will create an army of state employed snoopers with a right to pry into the affairs of every family. The party has also taken a lurch towards democratic centralism with a new gagging rule that obliges its MPs to “accept that no member shall within or outwith the parliament publicly criticise a group decision, policy or another member of the group”.



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