English nationalism on the rise – Tristram Hunt MP.

Last year Neil Kinnock warned LFW about the rise of Welsh and Scottish nationalism, in that it would provoke the English into saying ‘Enough! Go your own way and to hell with you!’

Today Tristram Hunt on the Andrew Marr show, said Labour “was not proud enough about England” in the context of the General Election. He continued, ” we need to be much clearer about the identity, the culture, the nature of England.

Labour needs to love England.”

Last Friday, LFW interviewed Owen Smith MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, like Kinnock he made the same warning about the rise of nationalist intent, specifically in Wales. Again, like Kinnock, he warned of the English losing patience (full interview to be published shortly).

With the words of Tristram Hunt, we now see the concerns of both senior Welsh politicians starting to come to fruition.

Understandably, English nationalism is on the rise as predicted.

Be in no doubt that before long the 56 odd million English people of these Isles will eventually say,” what are we giving all these whingeing buggers our money for? Let them go and good riddance!”

And who could blame them?


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