In conversation with Will Hutton and Owen Smith MP…..10.7.15

Interesting and insightful interviews today, with Will Hutton political economist/Observer columnist and Owen Smith MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales – there was even a laugh or two!

Both will be on LFW and in the press in 2-4 weeks time, maybe before.


One thought on “In conversation with Will Hutton and Owen Smith MP…..10.7.15

  1. Hey!….nice site.

    I see you as the President of the English language society and the seeker of truth and democracy in the Principality.

    I am a big fan of Edwin Hilyard and would love him to come to Wales. Edwin get’s a job on the South Wales Evening Standard….the Welsh Bob Woodward. Uncovers the plot by the Druids to take over the Principality and turn it into a semi-religious/fascist state. The Druids undermine the education system by making it compulsory to only have an education in an outdated ancient language.They bribe what’s left of the intelligencia giving away grants in the form of taxpayers money to the nationalist journalists. The children are forced to give their allegiance to the local Druid ( the Welsh language officer and Gauleiter of the district). The Carwyn Youth then turn on the people that speak English and believe in freedom of speech.

    Hey! You could call it “Springtime with Carwyn in Cymruland”.

    Sorry…did I get carried away a bit there?

    Anyway great site keep up the good work.

    your biggest fan

    take care



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